Healing Power Of Lotus Root

The lotus root, ou, is also called lian ou.  It is a perennial water plant.  The rhizome grows horizontally, has a rough surface and is swollen between the joints.  The inside is perforated with a number of holes running the length of the rhizome the size of which diminish towards the joints.

Health Benefits of Lotus Root

Both the rhizome and the joints are used in medicine.  The rhizome contains starch, vitamin C, lucid asparagus element, albumen amino acids, trigoneline, lecithin, pentose, sucrose, glucose, protein, fat and etc.

The flavor of the raw root is astringent, its nature cool.  When boiled the flavor is sweet, its nature slightly warm and it affects the heart, spleen and stomach.

The raw root can calm fever, cool the blood and clear blood poisoning.  The boiled root improves the blood and invigorates spleen and stomach.

Lotus Root Treatment

  • Dysentery – Take 30 grams of lotus root powder and blend in some honey.  Add water and boil to a paste to make one bowl full.  Serve twice a day.
  • Nose Bleeding – Take 250 grams of fresh lotus root joints, wash clean and crush to obtain the juice.  For each treatment take 20 ml of this and also put some drops of the juice into the nose.
  • Sudden Vomiting Of Blood – Take 20 joints of lotus root and 7 pieces of the base of the lotus leaf, add water and simmer to make one bowl.  Add a measure of honey and serve.
  • Throat Inflammation – Take 10 joints of lotus root, simmer in water to make one bowl.  Add a little salt and serve.